Monday, March 30, 2015

End of Day 2

Hi all, I'll be quick and do the full story of things later. Very very tired as this is a one man tent and generator DXpedition Yesterday the temperature in the tent reached 42.5C.

End of day 2, 2 days to go and 2078 QSO's in the log.

Based of the propagation I'll be operating as follows today on 31/3

0700-0800 UTC on 20m or 15m or 10m SSB

0800-1000 UTC on 15m or 10m SSB

1000-1200 UTC on 20m or 15m or 10m SSB

1200 onwards on 20m SSB (last night 20m finally closed at 1945 UTC)

sleep when 20m closes

2230 UTC onwards on 10m SSB

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